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William Schantz – Live an Addiction-Free Life After Retirement

Addiction-Free Life After Retirement

Retirement is for living the rest of your life peacefully, not for getting into an addiction. Have you been consuming an excessive amount of alcohol or drugs? Alcohol abuse and drug use together can have several negative mental and physical effects on a person. There is thus no more excellent opportunity than the present to start cleansing.

Some Key Tips for Living Alcohol-Free Life by William Schantz

1.     Throw Away the Liquor, Suggests William Schantz

Don’t let liquor inside your house. Drinking is popular since it is easily available. They take a chilled one from their freezer. You won’t consume when there is no alcohol present. Also, avoid going to pubs and social gatherings where drinks are available. Moreover, you must consult a doctor if you face withdrawal symptoms.

2.     Don’t Consume Alcohol During Social Gatherings, Suggests William Schantz

Do not even consider getting drunk at any party you attend or throw. Many folks concentrate their party planning on the meals and beverages they will provide. Instead, concentrate on the meal. Tell your drinking-friendly buddies that you won’t have any during the event since you attempt to stop your consumption.

3.     Maintain a Journal, Suggests William Schantz

Write a note even though you don’t feel that you suffer from a substance abuse or alcohol issue. This habit might be a caution to the amount you are consuming. Never be hard on yourself; always remember that slow and steady wins the race.

4.     Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle, Suggests William Schantz

The freedom to do anything you choose after retiring is among its greatest features. This freedom could be appropriate to switch things up if you notice that your alcohol consumption while watching sports in the evening has increased.

  • Spend your quality time with relatives.
  • Visit the cinema or a restaurant.
  • Enjoy videogames.
  • Join a Bible study group.
  • Pick up an interesting activity.

5.     Nothing Is Impossible, and Don’t Find Yourself Helpless, Suggests William Schantz

It does not have to be done by you alone. Receiving therapy can let you experience retiring with a healthy brain, and doing so is not embarrassing. There’s no greater turning point to become clean and ask for assistance than now since you’ve got the opportunity to do it.

6.     Get Prepared for Relapse, Suggests William Schantz

Relapsing issues do happen, similar to any other recurring issue. Even a single drink may easily ruin a decent moment you might have maintained for months or even a year. The next day will come when it does; try to get on track.

William Schantz’s Final Words

It’s too challenging to overcome a bad habit. Much more challenging is realizing that you’ve got a condition. You might have to begin by keeping a journal to realize that you require treatment. To make it less accessible, you must also place it outside your house. Additionally, you could sit and consider your options if you need to get ready to walk downstairs and buy a drink.

There must be no embarrassment for seeking assistance. Everyone should take some time to relax and cherish retirement.