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Part-Time Jobs to Consider After Retirement – William Schantz

Part-Time Jobs to Consider After Retirement - William Schantz

Once you retire, it doesn’t mean you will never work again. Retiring can give you much free time to manage a part-time job at flexible hours and on your terms. Many individuals go for part-time jobs after retirement to stay active and have an additional source of income. Another benefit of working part-time after retirement is it allows you to slowly transition from a regular job to post-retirement life while giving you a sense of purpose.

If you plan to retire soon but aren’t sure what part-time jobs you can go for, keep reading! In this blog, William Schantz will provide a list of part-time jobs suitable for retirees!

Four Part-Time Jobs to Consider After Retirement – William Schantz


1.     Freelancer

If you want to work on your own time whenever it is convenient for you, freelancing would be ideal. You’ll be your own boss, and you’ll get to choose what projects to work on. It is also suitable for people who want to save on travel costs. You can specialize in a skill set and build your own client base.

Unlike regular jobs, freelancing allows you to try out different things until you find something you are good at. You can take up projects that involve consulting, freelance writing, etc.

2.     Substitute Teacher

Another great part-time job recommended by William Schantz is that of a substitute teacher, where you have to fill in for full-time teachers when they are off from work. This job is gratifying as you get to share your experience and knowledge with the younger generation. You’ll have to perform tasks like teaching the daily curriculum, taking attendance, and engaging students in academic and recreational activities while the teacher is on leave.

3.     Gardener

If you love gardening or spending time with nature, why not turn it into a profession and make money out of it? Not everyone has a green thumb, so if you see your neighbors, friends, or relatives struggling to keep their plants alive, you can offer your gardening expertise. As more people become aware of your talent, they may hire you as a part-time gardener.

4.     Blogger

Blogging is another way you can keep busy after you’ve taken retirement. You can connect with the younger generation on various topics that may or may not be connected to your previous profession. I

In general, owing to the wisdom you’ve gained over the years, you can always offer time-tested and valuable advice for the younger generation. You don’t have to be restricted to your area of expertise only. William Schantz highly recommends blogging as it can be done on your own time, and you can benefit the world by sharing your wisdom. It also offers unmatched flexibility, which enables you to relax and give time to your family.

William Schantz’s Concluding Thoughts

According to William Schantz, you must keep yourself busy after retirement to stay fit and healthy. Try out one of these jobs to live and stay engaged after retirement.